Johnson's Solicitors in partnership with Joleaf Limited and others is evolving an on-line advice system ( ) with much of the information free to the user at the point of delivery. Other resources will be accessible for a reasonable fee.

Our "e-flets" are the framework of the information system and some will incorporate pro-forma forms, letters or precedents for use by those acting on their own behalf, either with or without legal assistance.* Built on this framework will be audio and video files to be listened to or viewed.

Users will be individuals who can't afford to pay private practice rates for legal services and small businesses who need to spend their limited resources prudently.

Government removal and reductions in Legal Aid, coupled with other cuts in public funding mean that millions of people now enjoy little or no access to free, high quality legal services. Businesses face ever increasing overheads. Our system aims to provide an alternative, a third way between becoming liable for crippling legal costs and doing it yourself.

There may be some truth in the old joke that "a man who represents himself has a fool for an advocate". However, the person who recognises that they have to do the best that they can with limited resources and equips them self with information and assistance that is accessible and affordable, is no fool.You it would be foolish to enter into, or conduct any contractual or business arrangements, including those relating to employment and tenancies, migration and other business matters or to bring or defame any legal proceedings with out various obtaining some legal advice, in some form.

At Johnson's Solicitors we firmly believe that the best possible way for a person or firm to equip themselves to deal with any legal situation is to instruct a solicitor to advise and represent on all matters, from the beginning to the end of the process. Indeed, this is the service that we routinely provide. However, we recognise that many individuals and businesses will be unable to afford this type of service and will decide, wisely, to take advantage of services such as our on-line service.

Of course, you will see that it needn't be "all or nothing" when it comes to seeking advice and assistance directly from a solicitor and the intelligent approach, for many, will be to use the available resources to deal with parts of the matter for themselves, and seek advice or representation at particular stages in the process.

This type of "unbundling" of services is just part of the innovative approach adopted by Johnson's Solicitors in equipping ourselves and our client's for dealing with the 21st Century legal environment.