At Johnson's Solicitors those who don't yet know us well, have been known to ask questions like "Why don't you deal with Human Rights"? or "Why don't you do discrimination law". Of Course, the answer is that we do. Anyone following our Facebook posts and our Tweets will be certain of it. 

The thing is, that, whilst we are expert in dealing with human rights and discrimination law, we tend to concentrate our efforts on the application of Human Rights Law and Equality Law on the areas of law in which we specialise. So, we apply our knowledge of human rights and equality to our work in the fields of employment, housing and migration law. 

We post and tweet about a wider range of human rights issues, but we would usually refer any human rights cases, in other areas of law, to solicitors who specialise in those areas. If we were approached by someone with a human rights claim concerning the criminal law, or a discrimination issue concerning probate law, we would refer them to and expert in criminal law or probate. 

We also consider human rights and equality issue as part of our campaigning and awareness raising activities - see "Social Responsibility".  

Johnson's Solicitors - Committed to defending Human Rights and striving for equality.